Warranty Questions

A product warranty comes from the manufacturer and as such, the type of service delivery that can be expected for each product varies based on the Manufacturer or their service Partner. Below we have listed brief summaries of the process involved some brands in order to give some of our customers a better idea of what to expect if something does go wrong with the product. In some of the sections below, we mention the name of the relevant service partner and customers may either contact them directly or bring their device back to Nanodog and we will handle it their behalf (In some Cases Nanodog may decide that it will be better for the client to work with the service partner directly)


Apple Items that are returned under warranty are sent to one of Apples Authorized Service Partners (AASP) in Namibia. We strongly recommend that clients remove their Apple ID’s / iCloud information from all devices before making a warranty booking, since the AASP cannot proceed with any warranty claim before these have been removed, and will cause unnecessary delays. 

For iPad and iPhones the client can usually expect that a new device will be supplied by Apple, as it is very rare that one of these devices are repaired under warranty. If a replacement device is issued it will be a brand new replacement, but will not arrive in standard retail packaging. Once a replacement unit is ordered from Apple then it can take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive.

For all iMacs and Macbooks, Apple will in their sole discretion either repair or replace the device if it cannot be repaired. In case a replacement part needs to be ordered the waiting time for a repair can take up to 3-4 weeks to arrive.

Please take note that if the AASP finds that a problem with the device was being caused by software and is not a manufacturers fault, they may charge a service fee of up to N$600 as software is not included under warranty. Any additional fees charged by the AASP will be billed to the customer and will be payable before the device can be collected.


ASUS Laptops and Monitors:

ASUS Laptops have a 7 Day DOA Period, which means that if your laptop has a serious problem (Such as not powering on at all) right out of the box then Nanodog can apply for a DOA approval. The Approval is solely in ASUS own discretion but is usually approved and if so it means that the entire unit is replaced or credited instead of being repaired under warranty

Warranty returns outside of the 7 Day DOA period are to be taken to the local ASUS Service centre (Green Enterprise Solutions) for repairs and turnaround times can vary from 2-4 weeks depending on the problem or if a repair part needs to be ordered

ASUS Graphics Cards and Motherboards:

See the section below that outlines "PC Components"


The Namibian Service Centre for Lenovo is Green Enterprise Solutions. Customer can either take their device directly to them or bring it back to Nanodog and we will engage with them on your behalf.

Lenovo Devices are usually repaired rather than replaced and depending on the nature of the problem a repair can take up to 2-4 weeks in cases where a replacement part needs to be ordered.

Nanodog PCs
All of our custom PCs are assembled in-house, and as such all related repairs are also handled in-house. The general guidelines for specific brands as outlined in other sections on this page may apply for certain components, but in most cases if we can see a problem with the PC that is due to a hardware fault, we will swap the component in our discretion without waiting for approval from the manufacturer.

In addition to the above, we have such a high confidence in the build-quality of our PCs, that all of our Nanodog Business and Office machines comes standard with a 2-Year Warranty (not even Apple has the confidence in their products to offer this)

PC Components

This section is applies to the component types listed below. The exact warranty procedure can vary from brand to brand, but the general guidelines of what can be expected are listed below

  • Storage Devices (HDDs and SSDs)
  • Motherboards
  • Graphics Cards
  • RAM
  • Power Supply Units

Nanodog will test the component and if found to be clearly faulty we will usually credit or replace the item within 3-4 Work Days. However in some cases where we are unsure if the item will be approved for warranty by the manufacturer, we will first have to send it back to the manufacturer closes service partner, which is usually in South Africa. Examples of such cases are if there are intermitted problems that we cannot replicate or if we have reason to believe that the warranty on the item may have been voided, such as suspected lightning damage, physical damage etc. In such cases it could take about 3-4 Weeks for a warranty approval.